By indicating your agreement to these terms (for example, by clicking the button) you represent that you are authorized on behalf of yourself and the business listed in your application (collectively, the “Applicant”) to make and submit representations regarding the Applicant.   You authorize Bootstrapp, Inc., its representatives, subsidiaries, and affiliates (collectively, “Bootstrapp” or “we”) and its trusted partners (the “Trusted Partners”) to conduct, obtain, receive, and process a review of me and/or my business as Bootstrapp or a Trusted Partner considers appropriate to process my application for business-purpose financial products.

As part of this review, I authorize Bootstrapp and each of the Trusted Partners to obtain consumer/personal and/or business and investigative financial and credit reports from one or more consumer reporting agencies (such as TransUnion, Experian and Equifax) and from other credit bureaus, banks, creditors and other third parties. I further authorize and understand that Bootstrapp and each Trusted Partner, respectively and individually, may obtain statements from creditors, financial institutions, and other third parties, as well as other information about me and my business, including credit card processor statements and bank statements.

I authorize that Bootstrapp and/or each Trusted Partner to obtain my credit report, during review of any application submitted via, including any subdomains thereof, during the closing of any financial product, or at various times during the term of my financial product(s) in connection with its servicing or enforcement. This authorization shall constitute my written instructions under the Fair Credit Reporting Act. I further authorize Bootstrapp and each Trusted Partner to contact third parties to verify any information provided in my credit report or otherwise submitted to Bootstrapp or its Participating Institutions in connection with my application for financial products.

I confirm that the information I have provided to Bootstrapp as part of my application, as well as any subsequent information that might be submitted as part of my application, is true and correct and may be relied upon by Bootstrapp and the Trusted Partner in their consideration of my application. Any misrepresentation that I make in conjunction with the information I submit may be viewed as fraud, and as such may be punishable by law.