Who acquires small businesses? The Official Directory of Bootstrapped-Company Acquirers

Who actually acquires small startups and small businesses? If you’re not a high-growth rocket ship, or perhaps your business doesn’t fit within the corporate strategy of a tech giant like Google, then who out there is truly acquiring normal, healthy businesses that are growing a decent rate?

  • Empire Flippers: We take the friction out of buying and selling online businesses
  • FE International: Sell Your Online Business With a Website Broker You Can Trust
  • Flippa: #1 platform to buy and sell online businesses
  • HoriZen Capital: Experienced M&A Advisors backed by a powerful network of investors and entrepreneurs.
  • Investors.club: Investors Club gives you private access to buy proven and growing online businesses that aren’t listed anywhere else.
  • MicroAcquire: Startup acquisition marketplace.
  • Perch: Acquires and operates Amazon FBA businesses
  • Respawn Ventures: Respawn Ventures buys, grows, and sells niche tech companies. Our focus lies within B2B SaaS but if we see a project with an opportunity for global reach, we’ll seriously consider giving it a second life.
  • SureSwift Capital: Dream exits for bootstrapped founders. Sell your SaaS business.
  • Tiny Capital: We start, buy, and invest in wonderful internet businesses.

This directory is a living document and we work to update it as often as possible. Please contact the team at Bootstrapp if you would like to submit an organization for consideration — you can simply shoot a quick note to [email protected] and we will review your submission.

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